Morning Moshpit

Hail the Morning Star! Here’s a running order and resources to kick-start your day.

Start by using ‘The Gathering‘ video.

Tusen Takk” is Norwegian for million thanks”. Being Norwegian it is more Viking and therefore more Metal than a mere “Thanks”.

Why not play your own choice of song while you think about what you are thankful for this day?

Thank you for sharing what this day has made you say “Tusen Takk” (The “Tusen Takk” bit is best said in a death metal growl as you press play on the Tusen Takk video).

Sometimes things in life can be heavy and not in a Metal way.

Why not listen to a song of your choice as you think about things you want to lay down and let go of?

You may then find using “The Laying Down” video helpful.

Have a read of the Metal Bible, that Bible what is Metal even though it’s made of paper… As well as the New Testament it includes interviews with Metal legends such as David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Nick McBrain (Iron Maiden).

Get your copy at

You could listen to another song while you think about the reading and also think about things going on for you. for others and for the world.

Then make an Offering of all that’s on your mind to “The All-Parent” with this video.

Maybe play a final song that makes you feel positive, hopeful and fired-up for the day. And then…

Blisters and others, let us sway…

Get yourself fully fired up for the day by listening to one more track and then work it out with “The Swaying” video (phone torches in the air…)